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Advertisement - Cytamobile-Vodafone 4G

July 28, 2017

Cytamobile-Vodafone is introducing the first 4G connection in Cyprus. This will be introduced with an all media dynamic and unique campaign. The shooting for the TV commercial and other media lasted 5 days. It included many models and a variety of extreme locations. The schedule was dense and packing up from location to location was fast; so was the photo shooting. 

Shooting of the running athlete happened in a hot day, at Larnaca salt lake. It was a period where the lake was not completely dry so walking, actually running on its surface was like running in muddy soil (not to mention that one of our 4-wheel drive cars got stuck). At the same time, the sun was up and the salt reflected it, so the heat was coming from everywhere. Luckily, the afternoon shooting location was at the beautiful Nisi Beach. Packed by swimmers, but who cares? The beach is awesome!

(Advertising agency: Gnomi, Production: Semio)


The running athlete was the 'flag' of the advertising campaign.

The photos appeared in all media, indoors and outdoors.

Here is the TV advertising, produced by Semio.