A boutique photography studio is one that focuses on creating unique, custom, photography. There is not a set of predefined looks that the photographer uses.  Each work is tailored to the personality and type of the subject. This is what I can offer you, as a freelance photographer, in the absolute best quality you may get. My more than 30-years involvement in photography, international recognitions, being contributor to stock photography agencies such as iStock (by Getty Images) can guarantee that. Or just take a look at my latest work. 

Services in summary

  • Assignment photography - photograph people, places and things as determined by the customer hiring
  • Advertising photography - photography on TV advertisement shooting, or just solely photography for advertising use
  • Event photography - and videography if needed
  • Portraiture - Location, on-site
  • Advertising agencies assistance - when deadlines get tight, or when photo post processing needs expertise (such as difficult color correction, subject extraction, etc.)
  • Photo correction - old photos, damaged photos, bring the ouao! effect to any photo.
  • Photoshop tutoring - can hold a series of classes from introduction to advance photoshop techniques (as have been doing for the Cyprus Photographic Society). Or just private lessons to focus on a specific subject.
  • Concept & strategy - I have been a marketer & creative my whole life. Before even the actual photo shoot, I can contribute / assist the client or the advertising agency on the marketing and advertising strategy, look & feel. Many successful international advertising campaigns rely 100% on photography!



If a project requires tight deadlines or demands more than one photographer or even videographer, I can arrange that. I cooperate with the best artists in each field. But you will still receive the end product from me.

I am a Photoshop expert, so post photo editing is an additional benefit and/ or service. I have presented, probably the first exhibition in digital / experimental photography in Cyprus, in 1998 (using photoshop version 3!). Lately, I have been teaching Photoshop to members of the Cyprus Photographic Society.

Finally, I have successfully lived all sides of the creative world: client to photographers for more than 22 years, as a marketer to one of the largest organizations in Cyprus, consultant to advertising agencies in creating advertising strategies, and obviously... a photographer.

Just let me know how I can help you!