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The first solo exhibition was held at gallery Apocalypse, Nicosia, in 1998. It's probably the first exhibition in digital / experimental photography in Cyprus. And that was before the digital cameras appeared!

The photos were captured on slide film, scanned with a film scanner and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop 3. Printing them was another story!

Extracts from the exhibition's invitation:
"When was the last time that you looked up, just to realize that reality is only what you think of. Here is one chance to look up with a... Splash."
The 9th lifeEye of the tigerSoap bubblesThe rebelEscaping the citySun dancerSplash of AutumnThree summer splashesEaster landThe flying seasonFlower stormSplash of hopeTalk to mePeaceTime visitorsA man's teardropsThe forest princessMessagersBlue MediterraneanSirene