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Advertisement - Cytamobile-Vodafone Hot Spots

November 11, 2016

With CytaVoda WiFi you connect through SIM Authentication and no credentials. This is done automatically at any hotspot, at many locations in Cyprus. The advertising campaign wants to show that. Therefore, the shooting took place in so many different locations. Early morning at the cold mountainous Palechori, and a few hours later at the warm Larnaca beach. Not to mention the previous night shooting at different spots in the old town Nicosia. With the right team, everything is fun, though.

The only challenge was to convince the village's old men to get photographed! And I mean get photographed, while they would do what they normally do: drink their coffee while playing 'tavli'. Not even a cash payment would change their mind! Maybe an extra cup of cyprus coffee would convince them. :-)

(Advertising agency: Gnomi, Production: Cube)