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Focus on French music from different periods as well as music with a French influence, beginning with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony no. 31 in D major, the famous ‘Paris’ Symphony. Written during a stay of Mozart in Paris in 1778, the composer availed himself of the orchestral forces available at the time in Paris, and was his first symphony to include clarinets, an instrument that has since become particularly associated with France.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony no. 31, K. 297 (Paris)
Arthur Honegger: Pastorale d’été (Summer pastoral), H. 31
Carl Maria von Weber: Concertino for clarinet in E flat major, op. 26
Charles Gounod: Symphony no.1 in D major
Soloist: Angelos Angelides (clarinet)
Conductor: Patrick Gallois

Thursday, 8 April 2021
Pallas Theatre, Pafos Gate, 20:30