Elizabeth Friedrich, fashion designer

January 31, 2017

Elizabeth Friedrich, a dear friend and a very talented fashion designer, to say the least, needed some portrait photos to accompany her interview in the upcoming Premiere magazine. Her new fashion show, ‘Explode” was on the way.

We decided that the photos need to reveal and combine glamour, uniqueness and attitude at the same time. So we choose to have the photo shoot at Hamam Omerye, old Nicosia. What a unique place, where history meets tradition, culture and style. We just needed a time where the place had no people bathing! Fortunately, the owner was happy to arrange that for us.  

Indeed, during the photoshoot, I felt like I was immersing into history. Elizabeth proved to be not just a great fashion designer, but also a super model that added up to that atmospheric photo shoot.

  • Make up: Arevik Make up Artist
  • Hairstyle: Quik Spa
  • Location: Hamam Omerye, old Nicosia

Part of "Premiere" magazine article.