Welcome and see a few of my latest photo assignments. In some cases, I will show you back-stage work or give some interesting notes on the specific project. Enjoy...

Advertisement - Anytime Insurance

May 12, 2017
There are some cases, where the advertising campaign depends heavily on the actors. That was the case here, where each member of the ‘fake family’ had a strong and unique...
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Advertisement - Ancoria Insurance

February 23, 2017
Ancoria is an established global business, servicing the saving and investment needs of thousands of international clients. I am lucky to contribute to one of its major a...
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Elizabeth Friedrich, fashion designer

January 31, 2017
Elizabeth Friedrich, a dear friend and a very talented fashion designer, to say the least, needed some portrait photos to accompany her interview in the upcoming Premiere...
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Advertisement - Cytamobile-Vodafone soeasy

December 10, 2016
The really first rainy day of winter came in time to set everybody in the Christmas mood. The Cytamobile-Vodafone soeasy Christmas campaign involved the heroes of the pre...
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Advertisement - EuroLife CSR

December 02, 2016
At Eurolife 'prevention' is not just a saying, it's a way of living. That is what this campaign is all about. It's always nice for me to work with director Memi Koupa and...
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Advertisement - Bank of Cyprus mortgages

November 18, 2016
That was a frenzy photo shooting of more than 17 different set ups, different locations with different heroes in each, many of them being kids and pets, all to be shot in...
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Advertisement - Cytamobile-Vodafone Hot Spots

November 11, 2016
With CytaVoda WiFi you connect through SIM Authentication and no credentials. This is done automatically at any hotspot, at many locations in Cyprus. The advertising camp...
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Event - Anticancer Society 40-years, Anna Vissy

November 07, 2016
A charity dinner was organized for the 40-years operation of the "Arodafnousa" Care Center by Cyprus Anticancer Society. The gala dinner was held at the Presidential Pala...
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Portrait - Christiana Aristotelous / Marks & Spencer

October 20, 2016
Christiana Aristotelous is Alpha TV's number one female presenter, with her own daily show named after her. Heck, she is Cyprus' number one female TV star! That's why Mar...
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Promotion - AntiCancer awarenes

October 09, 2016
Petros is a fighter. He fought cancer, he won and now he fights against it. On his bicycle, he is fighting every day against his previous bicycling record. And the money...
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Advertisement - OPAP

September 30, 2016
Shooting for the OPAP advertisement required multi angle view points. Thus, a drone and a car mounted camera were used by the production studio. Furthermore, a green scre...
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Mazonakis live!

September 29, 2016
George Mazonakis, the popular greek singer, appeared for one night at Lush Beach Bar. Rebellious and spontaneous, he had the crowds singing with him till early morning....
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Advertisement - Carrefour special offers

September 16, 2016
Photographing Sotiris Kalivatsis (best known from the TV series A.M.A.N. Ta Katharmata) for the Carrefour commercial was a joy. Sotiris was fun and 'natural' for all the...
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Event - 'Zatig & Voltaire' and 'Minus One'

September 09, 2016
Two in one! PapaEllinas Group introduced the new fragrance, Zatig & Voltaire, at TownTown Live. At the same time, it brought back ‘Minus One’ to their Nicosia home. Both...
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